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The online tool offers a wide range of free online online conversion utilities such as audio converters, document converters, eBook converters, hash generators, and other tools. We also offer apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Mozilla Firefox which provide access to a subset of the features.


Rosemart Portal Comercial

Produtos & Serviços de BR|PT|US

Portal do Webmaster
Portal do Webmaster


Bem Vindo ao Portal do Webmaster/ Blogger! Aqui pode encontrar informações, ferramentas, produtos e serviços, relacionados com a subvalorizada Arte e Engenho de “Blogar”. Tenha a liberdade de nos contactar sobre a possibilidade de publicar aqui o seu Trabalho, bem como nos informar de outros serviços, plug ins, widgets, etc.



 VigLink Convert transforms existing hyperlinks that generate revenue.

Through our process, we can scan content and find the commercial mentions. And, if any product mentions are unlinked, VigLink Insert hyperlinks them without the publisher doing anything.

We know that every product mention has many potential destinations.So, at the time of the click, the VigLink Exchange searches our inventory of over 50,000 merchants to find the right locations for this link.

Once it has found appropriate destinations, it quickly determines the ones that are the highest paying and best converting links and sends the user to that page.

With VigLink you can earn revenue directly from your content without ever needing to show an ad.

VigLink is a San Francisco-based, outbound-traffic monetization service for publishers, forums, and bloggers. VigLink specializes in in-text advertising and marketing. VigLink CEO Oliver Roup founded the company in March 2009.

In 2012, Oliver Roup reported VigLink was working on 5 billion pages per month.

As of November 2014, VigLink has raised $27.34 million and is working with 63,000 online retailers including EBay, Target,, and Wal-Mart.




What is Rebradable Traffic? Our business is all about getting traffic to our offers which gives us exposure to make sales or build our downline, right? Rebrandable Traffic provides a solution to what we all need in order to be successful. Rebrandable Traffic is not a traffic exchange or where you get paid for visiting websites but rather an Internet traffic distribution system. RT pulls traffic in from over 31 thousand websites from around the world then redirects massive amounts of website visitors to its customers' websites every single day. RT has established large contracts with mature traffic networks, advertising on many of the ad networks and has thousands of dedicated ad spaces running on these busy websites globally. It is from these sources that traffic is obtained then redirected from the ads directly to their customers. The traffic sources are well known names such as pay per click advertising like Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo; Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn Ads; Media Networks such as Microsoft Ad Network, Fox Networks; Ad Networks like Ad Brite, AdBlade and much more. Rebrandable Traffic is great because you can: 1. Buy traffic for as low as $.002/visitor 2. Sell traffic by directing it to your customer's website. 3. Rebrand traffic by making any website the referring site! By changing the origin URL, your customers would see this traffic coming from you. 4. Customize traffic for each campaign you set up where it is matched up based on traffic types and keywords defined in each campaign. 5. Tracking is also added where you can see how long the visitors are on your site and where they go on your site. Using Google Analytics, you can change the origin URL to track different campaigns.




A brand new twist in traffic platforms bringing customers cost effective ad traffic to their websites.

Our traffic system is unique in that it places your banner ads on all ready established partner traffic sites and networks to bring visitors to your websites.

PLUS - We offer our members a generous 25% commission. By offering this great commission incentive on top of a great traffic system, we think that Kris Clicks will be a top performing tool for your business!





What is Bidvertiser? How does it Work?
Bidvertiser is one of the popular advertisement networks and an alternative to Google Adsense!
Bidvertiser is an advertisement network, which is available for both advertiser as well as publishers! Bidvertiser is an advertising network like Adsense.
It’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agency founded in 2003. It has started its journey in the same year Adsense did. So you can trust on Bidvertiser.
The way that Bidvertiser works is little bit different from other advertising networks. While most of the ad networks show ads based on context or interest of the visitors, Bidvertiser creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your site. So if you have a quality site, you’ll have the chance to get high paying ads. You will get paid for clicks, not for impressions. It also pays extra revenue for conversions.
Bidvertiser Vs Adsense:
Bidvertiser is a great Adsense alternative. As some of the Bidvertiser ads look like Adsense ads, you shouldn’t use both ads alongside.
But it’s Ok to use Bidvertiser ads with Adsense ads. The rate of pay per click of Bidvertiser is comparatively lower than Adsense. It will increase if you stay longer with Bidvertiser as it takes some times to get your site found by highest bidders. Bidvertiser Products – What type of Ads they Serve? BidVertiser supports 4 groups of ads: Banners, Inline Ads and Skyscrapers. All ads are fully customizable to fit the site’s look & feel. These ads look like Adsense ads.



Generate Instant Publicity!

Launched in 2004, is a leader in the online press release distribution industry. Through its multi-channel distribution network, helps corporations and organizations disseminate their news to consumers, editors, journalists, bloggers, and websites. supports businesses in building brand awareness and increasing online visibility to help boost sales. Today, has a database of over 60,000 members. Business owners recognize the importance of an invaluable press release service which is why has become the preferred choice by so many companies.




JPD Studio™ is an all women run tech and branding firm. NYC certified Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE). We specialize in custom branding, responsive WordPress web design and development and print design.
Our Services: *Branding - Naming • Logo Design + Collateral • Brand Application; *Strategy- Consultation • Research • UX (User Interface + Information Architecture) *Websites - Design + Development (Wordpress + Squarespace) • eCommerce *Promotion - Print Design • Social Media Branding • Newsletter Creation
«Crafting websites and brands that are truly unforgettable is our Obsession»




Marketing Beyond Volume is a choice that aligns with my motto, "Think creatively. Act methodically." I work hard to help clients develop strategies that deliver measurable results. Our specialty is marketing the following:




Web hosting made easy! Hosting your website with MaxBounty Hosting goes beyond storage, your domain name and email service. Our comprehensive tools and training help you launch your entire web presence above your competition. With lightning fast loading times, enhanced and reliable security, and 24/7 live support, MaxBounty Hosting is web hosting made easy and affordable!




InMotion Hosting is a leading web hosting company serving customers around the world. We provide reliable, high-performance hosting environments that are affordable and easy to use, but the hallmark of InMotion is excellence in customer service. Our aim is to delight every customer with friendly service that is readily available, expert and effective.

InMotion is a trusted partner for businesses both large and small, with over 10 years in the hosting business and over 100,000 satisfied customers hosting their websites on our servers. We care about our community and the environment, with green data centers and ongoing sustainability programs.



Founded in 1996, EH is one of the oldest, strongest and most stable hosting communities. Make eHost your home on the Web, and enjoy the benefits of their experience, resources and commitment. EHOST has Everything you need To Succeed Online Many web hosts seem identical on the surface, offering disk space, bandwidth, email, site builders and 24x7 support... but these are only a fraction of the benefits you'll enjoy when you host your site with eHost. • Unlimited Domains • Free Email Address • 1,000's of Templates • Free Domain Name • Drag & Drop Site Builder • FREE Marketing Tools.

Why is eHost a great host to know?  eHost provides one shared hosting plan which comes with free add-ons and low cost. Launch your site with a free personalized domain name, also with unlimited domains and emails. We recommend eHost website hosting is one of our top recommendations, eHost does not limit your storage space or bandwidth, like other shared hosting providers, so till your site’s falls within the “normal range”, as sustained by 99.5 percent of their client base. Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: eHost offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, along with a free domain name and email address. You can get up and running your site in few minutes, with eHost blog setup wizard, at a very low cost. Free Website Builder: All Plans in eHost’s having free site builder, which include access to thousands of free professional looking templates, drag-and-drop customization of free site builder. Also eHost allow you to integrate with popular CMS applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more. Over $200 in advertising credits through Google, Yahoo! and Bing. EHost provides 24/7 support via phone, chat and email.



WordPress themes

We are an experienced web design company with 6 years experience in crafting beautiful, super responsive, highly functional and customizable WordPress themes, HTML5 Templates and we are working on Drupal currently. We sell our products mainly on our own website and the top online marketplace Always keeping update with the latest web design trends, our products are more and more beautiful and functional than before, along with better and faster customer support. Besides magazine, blog, corporate, and e-commerce themes & templates, we are now focusing on creating ones with specific purpose oriented designs such as education, medical, music, real estate, car, interior design and many more in order to meet many of customers' needs these days.



Webestools, tools, services, counters, scripts, generators, free webmasters tools

Webestools, goal is to help you to improve your websites by offering you free online tools, generators, services, scripts, tutorials, a forum...

They offer various tools and services for webmasters like: Animated Banners Maker, Web 2.0 Title Generator (Logo), Button Maker, Free Flv Player in flash (video player), Menu Generators, Flash Mp3 Player Generator, Signature Maker (for forums) online...
We also offer you services that you can install in your website like: News System, GuestBook, AJAX Tchat, Comments Module...
In Webestools, you can also find Scripts and Tutorials in various areas: PHP/MYSQL, Javascript, Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials, (X)html/CSS and Operating Systems.
Webestools has also a Web Designs part, which you can find Web Sites Templates/Designs, phpBB Templates/Styles...
Finally, if you need help on some webmastering problems, you can use the Forum to get a help.
And all of those services are 100% free.




Free website traffic to your site!

Made with in California 10KHits is the leading traffic exchange service that empowers thousands of webmasters with unlimited real human visitors to their websites — no bots. With 10KHits, users can receive hundreds of thousands of hits to their websites, get more conversions, boost their website's Alexa rank and increase their website's value. Signing up is easy and does not require a credit card. There's no catch to it either, it's 100% free to use! We do offer affordable account upgrades starting at $10/month which unlocks the white-label traffic and geo-targeting features + more. We also offer booster packs starting at $7/month for 50,000 extra points and $4/month for 10 extra URL slots. 10KHits is the de facto standard traffic exchange for webmasters, small business owners and traffic resellers who want scalable and on-demand results for their websites and clients. 10KHits has everything you need to keep you and your clients happy.





PanelPlace - Make Money from Paid Surveys

Increase your site's revenue by promoting PanelPlace Affiliate Program.

Start Promoting PanelPlace Today In 2008, PanelPlace started out as a small project to keep track of survey sites on the internet. Over the years, it has grown and evolved into a portal that connect users from over 45 countries to Market Research companies and Survey Panels in their respective countries. By working with world leading reputable Market Research companies and Survey Panels, PanelPlace offers survey takers a reliable channel to access thousands of legitimate paid surveys that genuinely pay for your opinions, and most of these Survey Panels are backed by the genuine earning proofs shared by PanelPlace members.





AffiliateGuide - Your guide to the best web affiliate programs




Scrub The Web. We help owners gain higher rankings in every search engine.

Free SEO Tools




Search Engine

Active Search Results (ASR) is an independent Internet Search Engine using Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology (ASR Ranking) with Millions of popular Web sites indexed. ASR has its own spiders visiting Web sites daily that are submitted to ASR and crawlers that index other popular Web sites on the Internet. Active Search Results does not depend on nor utilize any other search engines or directories for its search results. All search results are contained within Active Search Results' indices and databases.




Automatic Backlinks

Automatic Backlinks is the largest quality link exchange network online and have been operating since 2009.





SEO SpyGlass

Link-Assistant.Com is the manufacturer of the world's leading SEO software. Currently we have four cutting-edge products, you might have heard about: LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker and Website Auditor. These sell like hot cakes. But unlike hot cakes our software never cools down since we are keeping it ahead of the curve all the time.












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MoneyLine is The World's Largest Straight One-Line of People. This guide is designed to help FREE Subscribers to understand the Power of MoneyLine's Exclusive Subscription based Platform, which is designed to build YOU a GLOBAL Real-Time Contact LIST and Ease than you'll find ANYWHERE else in the World!




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 CPM Program



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Stratfor provides non-political, unbiased context for world events along with forward-looking predictions for what is likely to occur next. Adding the level of clarity needed for readers to truly understand the events reporting on by the confusing, conflicting and often misleading mainstream media. Stratfor has been providing this clarity to a wide-range of individual consumers, enterprise businesses and educational institutions throughout the world for 20 years. This is done via Stratfor’s proprietary tradecraft methodology, which focuses on the constraints that all global powers are under as a result of their geographical location. Transformational global events are neither random nor unpredictable.



 IBOtoolbox is a state-of-the-art marketing platform that levels the playing field for the Independent business owner.

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 FREE WIDGETS & GAGETS SITES: - free online tools for webmasters services, counters of pages views visits visitors clicks live scripts and tutorials php javascript mysql html css flash photoshop tutorials generators banners buttons images web 2.0 animated images... - Get embedded code of utility widgets and gadgets, scientific calculators, progressive calendars, Time/Date, tax tool and life style for your site / blog. is the web page to find the appropriate widget and gadget, and just two clicks to install it.



SmartSupp Chat ao Vivo grátis com gravação de visitante Seus clientes estão em seu site agora mesmo. Converse com eles e verifique como se comportam.



Visite GET SITE CONTROL on pode encontrar diversos widgets para o seu site ou blog: